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TACTIC: Habits and Routines

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine." - Mike Murdock

This dawned on me last month as New Year's resolution time came around. I usually do not put much thought into this, but I wanted to start saving more money. Living in San Francisco makes this a bit challenging! My resolution was to make my own coffee at home. Very simple objective that clearly results in more money in my pocket. I enjoy coffee and was stopping in for a cup at about every shop around town. I have not bought a single cup of coffee (besides beans for home) in 2017!

How has this new habit affected my life thus far in early 2017?

Eating out less: I find myself in the grocery store more often, resulting in a massive savings on food by eating out on the town less.

Going to sleep earlier: Since I am not going out to eat as much, I find myself getting much more sleep and even getting more work done during the week because I am home without distractions.

Business Growth: Not only have I saved money on coffee, food, beverage...but it also has turned out that business is picking up and going smoothly in 2017.

To pull all of this together, a simple change in a routine/habit can trickle down into every aspect of someones life. Now this is a small one month/one person sample, but just by making my own coffee at home, I have seen substantial changes in everything that is happening around me. This can pertain to an athlete waking up 15 minutes earlier to make their own breakfast, or a coach asking an athlete how his family is doing. These small details wind up having a massive impact on the overall picture. Take a moment and think what small change you can make to not only help yourself, but those around you. Cheers everyone...have a fantastic week/end!

A High School coach and teacher of mine always said..."The little things make a big difference." We all laughed at the time :) Thanks Coach Fry.

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