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"CJ has provided our VaynerSports athletes a data-driven training process that identifies and significantly reduces risk of injury. His communication and results has given our clients a firm grasp of how their bodies are moving and what they need to continue to do to remain healthy. This is important because in our business your best ability is availability. VaynerSports is looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Tactic Performance."

—  AJ Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder - VaynerSports


“CJ has created a peak performance multi-sport training environment focusing on functional movement, speed, and strength development with the goal of maximizing each athlete’s potential in their respective sport. Our training regime uses a holistic approach individualized specifically to me as a professional quarterback. This includes performance training, nutrition, injury prevention, and the mental approach to practice and competitions.”


—  McLeod Bethel-Thompson, CFL QB


"CJ has been working with our girls basketball team for the past year. Not only have the results shown vast and rapid improvement in strength and movement quality, but more importantly his program has led to a serious reduction of injuries. If you want your child or team to reach their maximum potential his services are a must have."

—  John Peterson, Head Coach - ESHS Girls Basketball


"We are super stoked to have partnered with Tactic Performance. CJ approached us with a plan on how to utilize technology and create a sports performance/training program within VIBE and we felt like this was a no-brainer. The parents and athletes are seeing fantastic results and the feedback is amazing. We look forward to continued growth and helping as many athletes as we can!"

—  Leah Hinkey, Co-Owner - VIBE

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