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1 Year of Business: Thoughts and Thanks

“Think progress, not perfection.” - Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage

Well as people do as a New Year shows up, I've decided to put my thoughts (not all) out there. Most likely, there will be some flaws in grammar, but this isn't meant to be perfect. I hope that some coaches or athletes can get inspired by my process, which sparks them to do something they love. I'm thinking of writing about what comes up in day-to-day conversations, athletics, coaching, business, and motivational topics. Looking forward to any feedback!

Over this past year I believe I have been able to set up a trustworthy brand built off of relationships and a sense of community. I cannot thank everyone (athletes, parents, coaches, family, and friends) enough that has helped throughout this past year. Especially Will and Julia Hewlett who trusted in me to set up shop within their facility, and give their kiddos a hard time here and there. There is no way this would have worked without them. This continues to be the most rewarding and educational experience I could have ever asked for.

Onwards and upwards for everyone in 2017!


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