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Continuing Education: My Version

I've never enjoyed formal classroom work, reading books, or going to seminars/conferences. Networking does not come easily to me. So how am I continuing to learn and grow with my business and coaching career?

Ever since I started working for myself, I found that audiobooks are my best mode for absorbing content. I have never been a reader...ever. I even got terrible scores in elementary school in reading and comprehension (ask my mom). Since December of 2015, I have turned all of my walking, driving, running, etc. into a commuting library. I listen to anything from coaching, goal setting, and performance, to business, and sales strategy. I stay away from fiction books because I really enjoy learning successful tactics from what others have done in all types of business and coaching.

April Book List:

People Tactics - Patrick King

Unlocking Potential - Michael K. Simpson

Players First: Coaching from the Inside Out - John Calipari (2x this month)

InSideOut Coaching - Joe Ehrmann

I am a strength and conditioning coach that spends the majority of my time in a state of planning and visualization of how to better guide the athletes I coach to achieve their goals sooner. I coach athletes through a process of training to get them closer to their individual and/or team goals. This is much more than how much weight can be deadlifted or squatted. I strive to create a relationship with each athlete built on trust and the why’s of training. Each individual/team/age group needs a little different touch of how to get down to why they are competing and earn their trust. This is a constant learning process for me as well.

During all of this I am striving to design my own life as close to perfect as possible. It is very hard to put yourself out there with the stresses of starting a business, working at a University part-time, and still figuring out what are my next steps to continue with an upward trajectory. I would not have the confidence to be out on my own selling my services without a continuing commitment to learning and a growth mindset. This could also not be done without the people that have helped me along the way. Thank you all, and I try to giving back more than what is given to me.

Everyone learns differently and should experiment to see what works best. Find a routine, set goals, and track your progress. Feel free to reach out if you'd like some book ideas. As always, I wish everyone the most success and a fantastic week/end. Cheers!

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