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Adding Efficiency to an Uncertain Off-Season

2020 NFL Case Study: Foye Oluokun

Through a unique combination of world class coaching, state-of-the-art performance evaluations, and building genuine relationships, Tactic Performance is transforming the way modern athletes train. By integrating force plate technology and a worldwide database from Sparta Science, Tactic's coaches are able to quickly gather performance and injury risk information. This trove of data reveals areas of risk and how to reduce this risk through quality planning that can significantly reduce injuries. When you consider that an average NFL player's career lasts about 3.5 years, that information is invaluable.


Tactic’s Founder and Head Coach, CJ Wellington, has spent this past year working in person and remotely with Foye Oluokun, starting linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons. Their process started in Colorado after an introduction from Foye's agency in March. The immediate goal was to assess, train, and teach Foye more about how he moves and performs. From there, Tactic’s processes and technology were designed with a 360 degree view to minimize injuries that sidelined Foye early in his career.

Assessments took place each month, and when Oluokun’s training relocated to another facility in Atlanta, CJ and Tactic supported the transition by providing the same consistent process and traveled to Georgia to meet 1-on-1 throughout the off- season. By overseeing Oluokun's program and providing a reliable training presence, Tactic has helped Foye achieve amazing results. Tracking a 3-month period from March through June of this year, the data shows Oluokun's risk of injury decreasing by a full 20%.

The mobility of Tactic’s system and processes allowed for consistent monitoring throughout the entire 2020 season, providing Foye the peace of mind and confidence to focus on the true task at hand - excelling on the football field. And excel he did...

The Tactic training & injury prevention process led to huge success on the field, Oluokun led the Falcons in tackles this season, recorded two interceptions, near the top of the league in forced fumbles, and completed what many saw as a Pro-Bowl caliber season."I'm teaching players to take more control of their own training process, removing a lot of the guesswork, and putting the data in their favor” Wellington says."Having a trusted assessment technology puts data to work for the players, which leads to improved confidence and assurance on the field, and ultimately maximizes longevity and earning potential for the athlete. Everything starts with relationships, and is built from there.”

Oluokun couldn’t be more enthusiastic. “The biggest thing this year was I had a routine and plan, week in week out, to keep me feeling mobile and flexible,” the linebacker says. “It gave me confidence. The little muscles I was lacking last year were activated and stronger, and I felt healthier going into games.

“Seeing data, and what I needed to work on every month, was cool in-season, and it gave me trusted information that matched how I felt week to week,”

Oluokun continues. “I learned that if I stuck to my routine or made the necessary changes, I’d be at my peak performance on Sundays.

Tactic Performance has also earned a partnership with VaynerSports, and Co- Founder AJ Vaynerchuk swears by the value of their services. “CJ has provided our VaynerSports athletes a data-driven training process that identifies and significantly reduces risk of injury,” Vaynerchuk says. “This is important, because in our business your best ability is availability. VaynerSports is looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Tactic Performance."

Technology Proven - Relationship Driven


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